Questionable Questions

You know that saying “kids say the darndest things”? Not sure if you know this, but is almost too true to even explain.When you spend two weeks at an over-nigh camp with a bunch of nosy curious kids that you have to be with 24 hours a day – that’s 336 HOURS! When you spend that much time with someone you get to know them quite well, now imagine getting to know 11 people quite well.

Plus, you all know how kids are, full of questions. When they come running up to you as fast as they can with this look of intense wonder and craze in their eyes, you know it’s about to happen. At this point you start mentally preparing for what the hell they’re about to blurt at you, because that’s what happens, they blurt and stand there staring at you expecting a life changing answer even when the question is about what we’re eating for lunch that day. Life. Changing.

I mean, some of their questions are valid kid-curiosity but then again most of their questions make no sense, these are the fun ones to answer. Don’t forget the questions that should be left for their parents to answer, which are not so fun to answer. However, there are also my personal favourite type of question to answer – the very detailed ones about the on-goings on your life.

Oh, did I say favourite..? Because I meant least favourite.

 Camper: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

 Counselor: “Nope” Camper: “Yeah you do! You’re LYING! What’s his name?! How old is he?!” *calls all their friends over* “SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!” All other campers: “OOOUUUUHHH!! YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!” (X1000)

Counselor: “Who is it then?”

Camper: *points at first guy she sees* “HIM!”

Counselor: “Oh, actually guys, him and I are already married”

*sends all kids into a frenzy of high-pitched shrieking*


For me it was five years of camp, five different groups of 11 kids, 55 kids and 1000+ questions about everything under the sun that I had to answer. Let me just tell you…it was not easy to go along with.Especially when the time came for definitions where sometimes the only way to not answer it is to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Like this questions that happens to pop up at least once a camp session…

Camper: “What’s a virgin?”

Counselor: “A what?” *calls another counselor over*

Counselor to other Counselor:“Have you ever heard of a virgin? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that word before”
Counselor2: “Yeah, I don’t think that’s a real English word.”

Another thing about kid-questions that i actually love, is when they say a little side note to something that you’ve just explained to them. It’s like they’re trying to make sure that they fully understand by rephrasing it in some way that although makes sense, the thought process behind it will always leave you with the questions.


Camper: What actually are allergies?

Counselor: *gives simple definition*

Camper: Woah…If I was allergic to rocks I would be sick like all the time.

Kids keep you on your toes. Because when you’re at camp there’s nothing more terrifying than a camper with a random question. So if you ever see a kid with the“I have a question?” look in their eyes…RUN.


One thought on “Questionable Questions

  1. I really like this post it’s super sweet and really reminds me of how spending time with kids is like… many questions….
    I enjoy how you formatted the dialogue posts making them framed separately from the rest of the text, nice organization!


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