Crossover Countdown

Ah, crossover. The most glorious way to end or start your weeks at camp. The glorious weekend where is what you’ve been waiting for since April. For those of you who have never heard of or lived through a crossover weekend, let me lay it all out for you;


Crossover is that magnificent time during the summer camp season where the first round of camp ends and the second begins. This buffer weekend does everything but buff. It is a time when the session counselors blow off steam before leaving and the counselors for the second session mentally prepare for the two weeks to come.

If you enjoy a spur of the moment plunge into the darkened un-lit pool as much as i do, then crossover is the place for you! However, let me warn you – this is the true time that the saying “what happens at               stays at              ” was made for (probably not, but it totally works). Crossover is a lot like Fightclub – you just don’t talk about it…so im gonna talk about it. Shhh! 

These weekend’s will be the absolute best days of your summer memories, even though you probably wont remember them (Sorry mom and dad!).

After going through five consecutive crossover weekends (yes i said five) I’ve seen quite a number of things that I could’ve lived happily without seeing. But hey, what can you do right? And with all of those lovely mental images burned into my brain I’m going to list some basic Do’s and Don’ts of crossover. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride.


Pre-raid the kitchen for the good snacks that everyone’ll be fighting over the night of. I’m talking Oreos, Rice Krispe squares, left-over waffles and the all time favourite Varevyky (if you don’t have these – I’m so sorry). Don’t forget the liquids! Grab that jug of lemonade or iced tea – you’ll thank me later for this one.Throw this all into your backpack of all things good.


Wear pants you can easily pop-a-squat and climb a fence in, bring a towel because a night swim sucks without a towel.


Hook-up/make out/do whatever with that one counselor that you (and probably your family) have  known you’re whole life. Trust. I’ve seen this situation go down one too many times and it never ends well. Someones mom finds out, then both families know and the next time you see them you’ll wish you hadn’t.



Find yourself a buddy. Make sure it’s someone that’ll venture out into the open field to hold the flashlight while you take a pee. Preferably this person will also be your pong or dance partner. This is important. You never want to get stuck doing the naked mile.


Never forget to throw a full bottle of water into that backpack of good things.You’re gonna need it. It’s what’s gonna make your morning a little more bearable…actually a lot more bearable.


And there you have it.

The simplest breakdown of crossover Do’s ad Don’ts (there are probably a lot more don’ts i could’ve added in here but – fightclub.) So I now pass on the torch to future crossover goers, pong on my dear friends. Pong on and prosper.


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