Tie-Dye Or Die

When it comes to camp shirts, shit gets serious. I can’t even tell you how many camp shirts I’ve acquired over the years, but currently the camp-shirt-count rests somewhere between 15 and 25 and only two are tie-dyed.

Yes I know…you’re probably thinking “how can she have done so may camps and only have two tie-dyed shirts?!“I’d be thinking the same thing if I were you. And yeah, I’m bummed by it too, but I have a very good reason for this!

Have you ever tie-dyed anything? If so, you know exactly how messy it can get. If not… you my friend, have not lived fully (but also you’ve been spared the multi coloured hands).

If you answered “yes” to this question, allow me to add onto that question…have you ever tie-dyed anything in a forest? What about tie-dyed enough shirts for a whole camp? If you have, bless your soul because you are a saint.


Although tie-dying isn’t a super complicated task, it can get pretty difficult when you’re constantly pulling pieces of twigs, leaves and blades of grass out of your dye…which is actually how i ended up with one of my shirts. (LOL)

I opted to avoid  having tie-dye as an option for other camp shirts and I was successful, until about two years ago when it wasn’t avoidable anymore. The camp theme was magic – and whats more magical than tie-dye, right? (The answer is nothing)

Just so you know, I only witnessed this happening  because I was not about to sacrifice myself to be eaten alive in the dark of night dying 115 T0shirts. I love my campers, but I hate bug bites more #sorrynotsorry. The poor counsellors who either offered or were voluntold (I’m still unsure), spend a good 8-9 hours bundling up T-shirts with rubber bands and soaking them in colours to make six different styles.



Voluntold; When someone volunteers your services instead of their own to complete a task – usually because no one volunteered to do it.

This whole situation could’ve been avoided, and you’re probably thinking “Duh..”, but it was way past the turning point. After some campers caught wind of that years camp shirt design, you couldn’t turn back. It was do or die. But when those campers’ friends found out, it immediately became tie-dye or die.

Once those heroic counsellors finally retreated to the kitchen, multicoloured stained and bug bitten, the deed was done and so were they.I’m pretty sure none of them will ever be touching anything tie-dye related for a very long time.



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